Upcoming anime

Opera Girl!!

Genres: Drama, School, Seinen

Date aired: Jul 4, 2021 to ?


Founded in the Taisho era, the "Red Flower Opera Company" attracts people's hearts across generations on a beautiful and gorgeous stage created only by unmarried women. The 100th generation students who have passed through a high magnification and entered the "Red Flower Opera Music School" to develop the human resources. Sarasa Watanabe, an innocent girl with a height of 178 cm who longs for "Oscar-sama." Ai Narada, a former national idol who is indifferent to everything, both dreams and friends. The music school life full of hope and conflict, where everything is disjointed, is about to begin!

Battle in 5 seconds after meeting.

Genres: Action, Super Power, Supernatural, Drama

Date aired: Jul 13, 2021 to ?


It was just a usual morning.

Akira Shiroyanagi, a high schooler who loves games and Konpeito (Japanese sweets), has suddenly been dragged into a battlefield by a mysterious girl who calls herself Mion. The participants are told that they are "erased from the family register, involved in an experiment, and gained certain powers."

Akira is determined to win the game with his newfound powers and destroy the organization. Armed with a power no one expects and his "brain" skills, the new period of intelligence battle of begins!


Genres: Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Sci-Fi, Supernatural

Date aired: Jul, 2021


The story follows the Kirihara brothers who from a young age were incarcerated in a secure scientific facility due to their supernatural powers, having escaped after the barrier that was preventing them malfunctions. The story also follows the Kuroki brothers who are trying to chase the Kirihara brothers.

Mewkledreamy Mix!

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mahou Shoujo, Slice Of Life

Date aired: Apr 11, 2021 to ?


Second season of Mewkledreamy.


Genres: Music

Date aired: Jul 4, 2021 to ?


The third season of IDOLiSH7.

Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan

Genres: Slice Of Life, Comedy

Date aired: Jul 6, 2021 to ?


The story centers on a 31-year-old man named Uramichi Omota who has two sides to his personality. He appears as the young man in charge of physical exercises on the educational program "Maman to Together." Although he has a fresh and upbeat demeanor on the show, he is actually a bit emotionally unstable. The story reveals the less-than-sunny parts of life for young adults.

Sonny Boy

Genres: Sci-Fi, Super Power

Date aired: Jul 16, 2021 to ?


Sonny Boy is a sci-fi survival series with a stacked 36-student cast of characters. Uprooted from their middle school lives, these students end up in another dimension and have to fight to survive.

(Source: Funimation)

Scarlet Nexus

Genres: Action, Supernatural, Fantasy

Date aired: Jul 1, 2021 to ?


Solar calendar year 2020: grotesque organisms called Others have begun eating people. To take down this new enemy, the Other Suppression Force is formed. Saved by this elite team as a child, psychokinetic Yuito withstands the training to enlist. On the other hand, prodigy Kasane was scouted for her abilities. But Kasane’s dreams tell her strange things, dragging the two into an unavoidable fate.

(Source: Funimation)


Genres: Sports, School

Date aired: Jul 4, 2021 to ?


The anime's story centers on Minato, a boy who stopped playing water polo due to a certain incident in the winter of his third middle school year. He picks the sport back up again with a new team when he starts in high school, but the fledgling team runs into many problems.

(Source: Anime News Network)

The Dungeon of Black Company

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy

Date aired: Jul 9, 2021 to ?


Kinji had it made–a swank apartment, a real estate empire, and enough cash to lounge around living the good life. After a freak magical accident, he washes up in another world, all but enslaved to a crooked corporation. In a fantastical land where money is everything, there’s only one way for an Earthling to get ahead: make your fortune, by any means necessary! Dragons, goblins, and the occasional dubious potion won’t stop Kinji’s quest for the world’s biggest bank account. The Black Company is open for business!